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All Play and No Work….Coming Soon

13th October 2015, Tuesday


Taking one day off work in the first week of December could get you a six-day holiday!!!!!

As we enter the last quarter of this year, it’s worth noting that we could possibly have three long weekends left, including one very long weekend.


October 15: Hijri Weekend

With October 15 being declared as a holiday for the Islamic New Year, we in the UAE, will have a three-day weekend beginning October 15 (Thursday) and returning to work on October 18 (Sunday).


November 30: UAE Martyr’s Day

While UAE Martyr’s Day falls on November 30, which is a Monday, we’re hoping the big bosses will realise it would be silly to come into work after the weekend on Sunday, November 29, only to be off again the next day. So we’re hoping we get a four-day weekend starting on November 27 (Friday) and return to work on December 1 (Tuesday).


December 2-3: UAE National Day

If for whatever reason, our Sunday wish doesn’t come true, don’t lose hope. There are two more scenarios, which could possibly see us jetting off somewhere exotic for a long weekend.


Scenario 1: UAE Martyr’s Day is clubbed with UAE National Day

This will give us a six-day holiday. So we’re off on November 30 (Monday) and return to work on December 6, which is a Sunday. UAE National Day is usually a two-day holiday that falls on December 2 and 3 (this year it’s Wednesday and Thursday). We’re hoping Tuesday is given to us in appreciation for our hard work throughout the year; we club those days with the weekend and we have our mini holiday.


Scenario 2: UAE National Day on its own

Let’s assume we don’t get December 1 (Tuesday) off. Boo! In this case we have a possible four-day weekend. UAE National Day is usually a two-day holiday so we have December 2 and 3 (Wednesday and Thursday), plus the weekend, which makes it a mini four-day break.

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