Hafta Ka Hafta

What? Asin to leave movies after All Is Well?

Asin may choose to be guarded about her future plans. But rumor has it, that she is all set to quit acting and marry her soulmate Rahul Sharma, a Delhi-based entrepreneur. In fact, Umesh Shukla’s All Is well is likely to be Asin’s last film for now.




Says a colleague of hers, “AIW is the first film she did in three years. Now after its release, she wants to marry and settle down. She’s madly in love with Rahul Sharma. During the shooting, she never hid it. I don’t know why she’s hiding it now from the media.” Apparently, Asin has confided in her AIW co-stars that she is getting married.

“Fair enough, yaar,” exults the protective and doting colleague. “She has been acting since the age of 14. She is 30 now. She wants to be a wife and experience domestic bliss. We wish her well. She’s a good girl.”

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