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Essential Apps, This Ramadan

For the holy month of Ramadan, we have put together a list of essential apps that will guide you and help you with your day-to-day needs from fitness to food:

Ramadan Fitness Challenge

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Exercise tends to get sidelined when the focus is successfully getting through the day without food and drink. But it needn’t be that way, with some advance planning. This app sends out a daily home-workout challenge for those who are fasting. It is developed by health experts and takes into account nutrition and physical activity to stay fit. Users will be encouraged to do a set of 12 time-based exercises, which will be managed with a customized timer and voice-over messages.

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Never miss a prayer with this app that keeps you updated on prayer times, mosques near you and the direction of the Qibla. All you need to do is adjust the location settings and enable GPS for accurate calculations.

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Zomato is your best option to search for and discover great places to eat during Iftar. It’s a beautifully designed, easy-to-use social restaurant finder app that lets you explore all the dining options in your city. Browse through updated menus, pictures, and user reviews to decide where you want to eat, and use the map feature to guide you there.






Introducing Talabat application from the leading online delivery service provider www.talabat.com

Talabat application allows you to order online your favorite food from over 1700 restaurants in GCC. One can choose to place an order right away or at a scheduled time later.


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